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What KASSW Can Do For You:

  • Provide a professional community for OPGES Domain 4D: -Participating in a professional community

  • A yearly conference to develop and enhance professional skills with reduced rates for members with CEUs available.

  • Access to creative newsletters, breaking news, job opportunities, and legislative information.

  • Support for school social work services in your district.

  • A yearly membership directory to help you network with other school social workers in your area and across the state.

  • Be awarded with honors like the School Social Worker of the Year and Friend of School Social Work titles.

  • State membership in the Midwest School Social Work Council.

  • SSWAA membership at a discounted rate of $95 which includes liability insurance.

  • School Social Work Week packet each spring, which includes valuable info and promotional items.

  • Regional social events during School Social Work Week

  • Consultation from University of Kentucky and University of Louisville Colleges of Social Work for certification issues, strategic planning and program evaluation.

  • A website with resources readily available.

  • Membership drawings

A Word From Our President

Who am I? My name is Lori Vogel, your president, and an avid supporter of KASSW. The first thing you should know about me is that I am a School Social Worker/ Guidance Specialist at Leetown Middle School in Lexington. While both roles are challenging, I am thrilled to find innovative ways to make FCPS even better.

I’ve worked for Fayette County Schools since 1999, mostly in elementary till last year. Prior to that I have experience in community health projects in FCPS as a school-based therapist. It was through that work I became acquainted with KASSW. I knew immediately from that moment on that being a school social worker was a path I just had to take. Joining KASSW soon after I began my position while working in community mental health was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It allowed me to network with those already in school social work positions.


When I was then hired as an SSW, I already had a support system to rely upon when I was unsure about issues in which I was less experience. Many of the tasks and roles I was taking on were much different than the skills I acquired in community mental health. If it were not for the support of my KASSW friends, it would have taken me a much longer time to assimilate into my position.  But as you know, that is time that school social workers do not have! Even now after 17 years of being a school social worker I find myself in a new a position and those connections are still helping me fined my way!


I feel KASSW is entering a new chapter for several reasons. First, we have had several long-time members and board members move onto greener pastures. (Retirement or planning it soon!) I of course want to thank those folks moving on for their help in guiding me only journey into this leadership position within our organization. You know who you are! Without your leadership and loyalty to KASSW, we would not have been able to persevere over the years. With those departures however, we have some opportunities for others to join the board. If you would like to server KASSW, please contact me. We would love to have your help in brainstorming new ideas for our organization.


Which leads me to my second point, which is we are moving into unsure times with many changes on the horizon to the education system both nationally and in our own state. We hope to keep you up to date on these changes, and help schools social workers adapt should we need to. We need to stick together as a profession. Let’s all keep our eyes one what is best for the kids in our Commonwealth!


Lastly, we need your feedback and input in our decision making. We want to know how we can serve you as your professional organization. I encourage you to look on our Facebook page and our website KASSW.org. We are also trying to develop a site on Office 360 to help us stay more connected. Please join us for these endeavors! Thanks in advance for your support, and I look forward to serving this role.


Lori E. Vogel, LCSW

KASSW President

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President:  Lori Vogel

Vice President:  Tish Brookins

Treasurer:  Bethany Dewsnap

Secretary:  Melinda McClung

Newsletter/Media:  Karen Guffey 

Past President:  Tina Johnson

Jefferson:  Brooke Burd

Eastern:  Shawn Crump

Bluegrass:  Jennifer Brown

Northern:  Amber Onkst

Southern:  Rebecca Oliver

Publicity: N/A

Midwest:  Lori Lazari

Grants:  Jacob Eads

Conference:  Lori Magness

UK:  Janet Doss

U of L:  Dr. Andy Frey

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